“Sherry, I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for having you be our wedding coordinator! You always made sure that I was on track on everything and you helped me be on top of everything. On top of that, you were extremely detail oriented and you did a fantastic job taking care of everything – and even though I was a little bit stressed, I knew that I could rely on you for everything! :) You did such a fabulous job with everything and for paying attention to all the little details! Thanks SO much for making our wedding day so perfect :) It wouldn’t have been the same without you!…… important and what a HUGE role you play in weddings and why I think everyone should hire YOU! :)”

-Andrea Tam, Bride

From Bride to future mother-in-law…..”Sherry really is so great and I am so glad I hired her! Thanks for the referral! She is just so great and detail oriented and she is really going to make this wedding a fun experience for us :) She is making sure we are all taken care of and that we will have a fun day! She is worth every single penny and more!”

-M. Jacobson, Mother-in-law

“Dear Sherry, Thank you for making my wedding and all the events that surrounded it so special. You truly made the day more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for the countless hours of meetings and discussing every tiny detail with me. You really made the wedding day go so smoothly and it was so organized. Thank you for doing everything from the tents and toilets to the forks, Starbucks communion roll, and the snacks sent with Doug and me to the airport! We really appreciated all you did and I will recommend you to anyone who needs a coordinator!”

-Doug and Kelsey Rickabaugh

“Before Kelsey and Doug left for their honeymoon, Kelsey said the day was perfect and there wasn’t anything she would have done differently. Thank you for going well beyond what was required of you. You are an incredible wedding coordinator. It was so much fun planning Kelsey’s wedding with you. Thank you for all you did to make it turn out so beautifully. You worked SO hard the day of the wedding! There were SO many details and people to coordinate. You did a fantastic job keeping everything on track.”

-Raelene Sutherland, Mother of the Bride

“Sherry was such a wonderful addition to my wedding experience. Her attention to detail was amazing, from the schedules she put together for everyone involved, to the way she organized all of the vendors on the actual wedding day. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

-Sanna Hansen, Bride

“Dear Sherry, I can’t thank you enough for all your hours and hours of hard work and flexibility over so many issues that come with the ‘wedding’ territory. You made it possible for us to just flow as you shaped the event (which could have taken on a life of its own). Thank you for sharing your gifts of administration and your rare ability to grasp both the big picture and the details.”

-Pat Barry, Mother of the Bride

“Sherry helped us put the finishing touches on our wedding plans, directed our rehearsal (even played the part of the officiant!), then provided much needed direction and sanity on our wedding day. She was so devoted to seeing our wedding come together without a hitch and making sure all the details happened just the way we’d imagined. Thank you Sherry! ”

-Elizabeth and Tristan Hogan, Bride and Groom, Kerry Park, Seattle

“”My husband and I worked with Sherry to plan our wedding. I can honestly say our wedding was perfect. I know most brides probably say that, but Sherry was able to think of every detail imaginable to make our wedding run exactly how we dreamed. She was dedicated to meeting with us before the wedding to go over plans and keep us motivated throughout the planning. Her focus on the logistics and details allowed us to enjoy the bigger picture and focus on the planning that we enjoyed most. I had the dream of the flowers, fabric, lights, and the whole vision of our wedding day, but needed help and commitment to pulling everything together. She communicated with all of our vendors to make sure everyone would be on the same page on our wedding day. It was especially nice to know that the pressure of our wedding running smoothly was taken off my mom’s shoulders. She was able to enjoy our wedding day just as much as we did. I am so thankful that Sherry spent so much time with us and worked so hard for us. I felt as though she was planning a wedding for her own family and we had 100 percent of her efforts. Thanks a million Sherry!”

-Christal and Nate Ferrier, Bride and Groom